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    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  2. DCS Open Beta 2020-11-04 DCS World The new Damage Model WWII code with all last fixes is uploaded to build to start Open Public tests on the ED servers shortly. The information about how to connect to test servers will be placed on the forum soon. Terrain: improved background preload for less stutters Terrain surface textures: improved details at altitude for HIGH terrain texture option Terrain: improved loading resources and memory management Terrain: fixed excessively curved paths Terrain: fixed leak after destroying scene object Terrain: fixed civil traffic disappearing Terrain: fixed grass disappearing Trees: improved far LOD rendering Trees: fixed mirroring far LOD (may break user MOD) DCS crash when Land Rover 101 died - fixed Big formation task aircraft placement doesn't work as intended - fixed Behaviour of the AI gunners on bombers improved AI Pilot Bailout Procedures were improved Behavior with WGr-21 improved: fire to targets in formation only, dropped the rockets (or launchers) when engaging the dogfight WWII bomber formation keeps mission set altitude during threat of AAA AI Emergency Procedures - ditching on water is added WWII torpedoes have better destruction force against ships now Mission Editor: Added ability to Show/Hide all units of coalition (found in map options) Corrected Historical Mode database AI F-14s don't use TWS with AIM-54 missiles - fixed MP. Dedicated Server. Client stopped on black screen when server restarted mission - fixed AI MLRS do not rearm and continue to fire - fixed AI Tornado GR.4 unable to mid-air refuel - fixed ME. Fix displayname tasks: 'WW2 big formation' –> 'Big formation' 'WW2 Carpet bombing' –> 'Carpet bombing' GUI. Name of the mission file will be taken from mission description if omitted in description .lua MP. Servers are complaining of strange behaviour when RegMapStorage has no more IDs starts to log - got experimental solutions Sound. Support mono USB headsets Sound. Update for new sound feature Origin Sphere (wip) - P-51, Spitfire, Bf 109, Yak-52, Fw 190, and others Sound. Added global origin-sphere around spatial sources JDAM. Fixed satellite seeker error JDAM. CEP for JDAM is equals 5 meters now JDAM. Possible fix for MP sync of satellite guided weapons JDAM. New features. Added onboard algorithm for finding optimal impact parameters and flightpath. Improved terminal guidance accuracy. Added zero AoA command for the last second of flight to reduce the probability of slap and to improve penetration (as on the real bombs) JDAM. Improved pathfinding algorithm (+-2 degree accuracy for desired vertical angle). Improved guidance (autopilot accounts for additional path curvature due to AoA and eliminates it now). Additional autopilot adjustment JDAM. Fixed g-load "freeze" bug JDAM. GBU-38/54 supersonic lift correction JDAM GBU-54. Fixed guidance law switching if laser spot disappears. Set laser spot lock distance to 4.5km, seeker FOV 35 degree JDAM. Stiffer restrictions on miss for JDAM. JDAM launch distance tables corrected Added new AGM-65L model JDAM. A JDAM bomb without GPS navigation flies only by INS without SatNav correction. So it will have CEP about 5 times more AGM-84A/D Harpoon. Increase seeker search range from 28 to 45km AGM-84H terminal stage parameters update CBU-87/97/103/105. Reduced the influence of the wind SEAD task. AIs will try not to enter the lethal zone of SAMs and will not attack SAMs with guns AI unable to drop multiple JDAMs on a single attack run - fixed AIs optic sensors will take into account the blindness by sun AI. Reduced the probability of AI planes falling into the water during air combat AI. Air combat improvement when the wingman has BVR missile and opportunity to shoot AI. Fixed a bug leading to incorrect placement of AI aircraft on the surface when activated during a mission AI goes to ground collision when used Mk-82 AIR "Ballute" - fixed AI. Two runways blocked by unit one clear's but other which is blocked allows clearance - fixed AI aircraft stuck on some runways before takeoff - fixed AI. Corrected the helicopter group landing AI. Mi-8 jitters during taxi to takeoff - fixed AI. Improved Supercarrier compatibility of Heatblure F-14. Wing config during ship taxi fixed AI WWII. AI pilots will go bail-out faster. Added dead AI pilot lean head animation Aerobatics task. Added Horizontal Eight AI Mi-24. The argument for opening the optics doors is not transmitted in MP - fixed AI will not go to takeoff with significant damages AI with damage after landing will not remain on the runway AI. Aircraft wreckage destroyed on the ground will be removed in 3 minutes Radio. WWII. Restored radiocommand “Cover Me” AI behaves incorrectly during a follow task in some cases - fixed Update of Russian Localization (GUI mission list) AI aircraft goes to collision during taxiing to the runway in some cases - fixed AI. Carrier based aircraft unable to find the parking spot in ME if landing at an airbase - fixed MP. Dedicated Server. Neutral units appear as RED on client - fixed ME. Unable to move the first unit of a group, without moving the entire group - fixed. Moving the first unit is possible with Left Ctrl ME. Loading Static template with higher unit/groupIds makes new Ids larger - fixed ME. After saving the mission aircraft start up heading changes to heading to the first waypoint - fixed Mission generator. The player will be able to rearm and refuel at his airbase in the generated mission MP. Multiplayer: Airfield doesn't turn runway light after changing night-day-night - fixed ME. Added ability to set engagement range for SAMs in percent of full range. Advances Actions -- Set Option -- Interception range ME. The mission editor will generate an error while loading a mission if a unit has a linkUnit assigned to it and the object type does not exist - fixed SSE. When using the scripting function coalition.addGroup the groupId value passed within the table is ignored and a value is automatically assigned - fixed MP. Select Role window. Added filters and search box for slots AI. Crash on wcPlane::Select_Flight_Task - fixed AI. After taking damage and a decision to crash landing, the plane became immune to further damage and could fly without wings - fixed AI. Strange oscillation behaviour of planes in Syria when trying to get to a set altitude - fixed Updated DE, CN, RU, FR localization DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations Fix to HUD shutting of in sidewinder fast select mode. Added invisible FARP object. Single parking spot. (I'll write up a guide on the new FARP mechanics) Added Caukasus short-field training instant action mission. Fix to CTD related to saved-games folder in non-latin script. DCS AV-8B NA by RAZBAM GBU-54 are now loaded on DITERs Removed all TERs with 3 bombs from Stations 3 and 5 Improved JDAM Relative targeting procedure. Now it is possible to do multiple JDAM relative releases Improved: High Drag bombs can now be released as Low Drag Improved: Ghost Velocity Vector on HUD will now flash when at limits of HUD display area Improved: Long Winc does not disable JDAM Relative Targeting (TOO mode). To disable you must undesignate Added flight control system joystick switch abstraction keybinds Fixed: FPM erratic behavior in NAV or AG mode when total velocity close to zero Fixed: TPOD/JDAM CTD when releasing the bombs Fixed: TPOD erratic behavior when using JDAMs Fixed GBU-32 not tracking Fixed Waypoint Icon not visible if designated and NWS is pressed Fixed Com channel selector keybind incorrect behavior Fixed LAR rings not showing on EHSD for GBU-54 Fixed EHSD ground track digits still use TRUE when EHSI is set to MAGNETIC Fixed: No markpoint menu option in AG mode Fixed: DMT roll stabilization when in A/A mode Fixed: AGM-65F internal handling inconsistency Fixed: HUD Velocity Vectors going invisible at some limits of HUD display area Fixed: Release tone to sound after each release Fixed: NSW not changing IRMAV FOV when missile is uncaged Fixed: AAR zone circle out of position when EHSD is decentered Fixed: Various issues with the caged velocity vector Updated: AUTO release mode. New procedure is in the Forums Updated: TPOD Functionality for G4 integration with aircraft systems: TDC button (PB14) has been deleted. TDC modes are now only two: AC TDC and HTS HTS TDC now updates System Designation Super Wide FOV (SWFV) mode has been enabled (PB10) LSS/LST Mode has been improved. To enable LSS/LST you must long press PB19 (INR) Zoom factor has been incremented from 10x to 16x. Zoom factor increases/decreases by 0.3X Zoom factor now changes when long pressing PB3 or PB4 New laser modes have been added Tracking has been modified: AR (Area Track) only locks a ground position. PT (Point Track) can lock a moving target. MT (Moving Target) works the same as PT When the TPOD is the SOI, NWS slaves the sensor to the aircraft system designation DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Fixed: Missing wheels Fixed: left/right wheel brake combined axis command not working Fixed: throttle deadzone at high throttle Fixed: Various issues with the caged velocity vector DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev Fixed and improved startup training missions (EN, ES and CN) Fixed basic visual flight training mission (EN and ES) Fixed radios and navaids lesson 1 (EN, ES and CN) Fixed IFR Flight training mission (EN, ES and CN) Fixed Guns and Rockets training mission Changed direction of engine y moment (pitch moment) Fixed Bombs training missions, EN and ES Fixed Sea Eagle training missions, EN and ES Fixed Air Combat training mission, both EN and ES. Fixed typo in EN version of that mission name too C-101 mach number indicator scale reaches now 1.0 Cockpit lighting knobs do not deploy the gear anymore when flying multicrew Updated fuel selector switches sync in multicrew, now the cockpit switch is moved, instead of directly setting the variable for Flight Model Now Flight Model takes into account rear cockpit fuel transfer switches positions (manual or forward cockpit priority) Added lighting to OFF labels in forward cockpit fuel panel Fixed sound error message at engine shutdown Improved aircraft stabilization at mission air start, since stabilizer position initialization was slightly off after latest flight model changes (WIP) Added Georgia fictional liveries Fixed trim system in multicrew (it doesn’t desynchronize now over time) Removed trim tone when acting on the trim if the aircraft is controlled from another seat in multicrew Electric load of batteries is now balanced according to their current capacities 'Sight Sun Filter' and 'Smoke On Ground' properties set in Mission Editor show now correctly to clients in multiplayer Improved synchronization of flight controls position in multicrew (when the client doesn’t have control, won’t be able to move the stick) DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations Fixed RWR symbology Fixed TV targeting symbology Fixed laser rangefinder symbology DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations Added external fog and MFCD screen animations for player and AI Added 2 training missions Added more keyboard/device bindings Should fix slew axis reverse on C701 when zoomed in Fixed TOT desired speed Fixed T5 differences between axis and buttons Fixed inlet total pressure recovery coefficient at lower speeds Fixed gain/level value display in WMD7 page Fixed HUD brt/cont adjustment Fixed CM802AKG keeps tracking target even outside FOV, now will return to MITL mode, seeker returns to search mode Fixed wheel brake axis first half no effect issue (general rudder axis should give -1 ~ 1 input) Removed blank angle for AG radar (because no SAR feature) Adjusted actuator rate or Elevator and ailerons Adjusted WMD7 IR WH/BH effect (still WIP) Adjusted deadzone for antenna axis Revised landing gear drag & damage model If born on ground, force WOW to true during the first few seconds to avoid gear up due to improper external device switch position If hpt/spt is notching, hpt/spt position will be predicted and target box on HUD blinking ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations Fixed zbd-04, hq-7 collision models Fixed C-802AK crashed into sea issue Fixed static warning board missing in game issue Adjusted BRM-1 engine for reasonable range DCS F-18C Hornet by ED Added Azimuth / Elevation Radar Sublevel (FLIR Sublevel/AUTO IFF/MIDS - W.I.P) Added PRECISE and GRID Coordinate Entry Added Datalink Symbols on HMD Added HMD control page from SUPT Added IN LAR indication Added FTT mode for moving targets JDAM: Added input of terminal parameters. (DLZ for terminal data - W.I.P) DCS Hang / crash with jettison procedure - Fixed AACQ mode - Correction of the logic of work (W.I.P) Datalink in the Hornet only works in the day, not at night - Fixed HMD A/A indicators don't match HUD A/A Indicators (Added IN LAR/SHOOT indication, DT2 symbol) - Fixed Missing Course Line Option for TGT (HSI and SA Page) - Fixed Automatic IFF disabled in LTWS COMM window illuminates whenever transmissions are received on COMM 1 and COMM 2,respectively - Fixed Radio digits corrupt during cold start - Fixed AGM-65F resets after shooting all AGM-65E's - Fixed Laser mavs will not fire after IR mavs used - Fixed Added Angle of Attack (AoA) steady tone for certain conditions: FLAP AUTO AoA above 35 and below 7 degrees FLAP FULL AoA above 32 degrees FLAP HALF AoA above 35 degrees With stores AoA above 25 degrees AGM-84E - PP mode unable to set target elevation - Fixed PRF should not be pilot selectable in ACM modes - Fixed TDC over Azimuth hides the setting - Fixed STEP cursor fixed when using EXPAND RDDI will display the AGR page in A2G mode when the lightning is changed from NIGHT to DAY - Fixed Corrected guns and rockets HUD / STORES symbology EW symbols on SA always show upright - Fixed SURV still contributes to ROE ID criteria when SURV is deselected in SA SENSR subpage - Fixed Removed LOFT for HARM in TOO and SP modes (same way as F-16C) IN RANGE notification in HUD with no target data - Fixed Mark points become corrupted when using WPDSG - Fixed Fixed indication of JDAM and cannon on HUD AGM-65E Will not fire on a building if the MAV is SOI - Fixed Weapon volume for AIM-9X adjustment - Fixed FPAS descent distance - Fixed Paddle switch and Pinkie button animation switched - Fixed TAC Menu does not show the weapon option unless the stores page has been selected - Fixed Fixed indication of AGM-65E COMM control does not work while the radios are not powered - Fixed UFC Scratchpad Error input - Fixed ACM and SIL mode crossing - Fixed Reversed ground effect at high speed is fixed T UP is using heading and not track in HSI Aircraft symbol is aligned with the heading in HSI and SA - Fixed Mark point cannot be displayed in feet - Fixed If waypoints are cycled after using WPDSG, laser Maverick seeker will wander - Fixed A-G/A-A radar page shows true heading - Fixed TWS still functions on ground - Fixed AG radar. Functions on the ground at zero speed and WoW - Fixed STT acquisition always uses the current PRF in INTL - Fixed DDI#7 function during TDC designation - Fixed Harpoon HUD intersection indication - Fixed Loud "fluttering" sound inside the cockpit when speed > 200 KIAS - Fixed AACQ with TDC over different track than L&S - Fixed AACQ/FACQ command is always SCS right instead of SCS towards the radar page - Fixed Player's ladder at cold start moves - Fixed HUD TD Diamond not ground stabilized - Fixed DCS F-16C Viper by ED Added HARM loading option on stations 4 and 6 Added HQ-7 and Roland to HARM sensor database Waypoints are disappears after switching to A-G and back to NAV - Fixed Adjusted landing behavior in crosswind (adjusted side friction factor for crosswind landing and takeoff/nose gear absorber updated) Nosewheel steering gains - sensitivity adjusted AGM-65 D, G, and H, K Maverick non-consistent lock on - Fixed AGM-65G/D/H/K adding missing options: Boresight (BSGT) option Uncage (allow Maverick gyro to complete 30 seconds earlier) It is possible to lock on with two missiles prior to launching the first missile Generator stops and FCR alignment turns off after being idle for too long - Fixed NOT SOI for HSD - Fixed AGM-65 WPN Page symbology errors - Fixed Check Exterior lights COVERT modes - Fixed HARM HAS - redesigned logic - Fixed Switching Master Modes PWR OFF HARM's - Fixed Mavericks should already be powered on and warmed up on air start - Fixed Livery names are incorrectly formatted - Fixed EO submodes not remembered - Fixed Aerodynamic forces on gear posts inverted - Fixed Selected station number must be highlighted, not boxed - Fixed Fix for fuel flow indicator, hydraulic pressure indicators, oil pressure indicator, nozzle position indicator Updated DE Viper manual DCS Supercarrier by ED Static crew men have collision - Fixed "See you at 10" stays after used - Fixed AI F-14 In user mission gets stuck in middle of deck then vanishes - Fixed Added more Variance in AI Carrier Approach Speed SU-33 and Kuznetzov abort take off - Fixed Lights are turned on on bridge and opened spaces below flight deck day time - Fixed All aircraft spawn from runway - Fixed Deck crew disappears on game PAUSE - Fixed DCS A-10C II Tank Killer by ED Available for all countries in the Mission Editor Animation of opening of aircraft canopy has been improved Loadouts with triple SUU-25x8 aren't visible in simulation - Fixed "Hide stick" feature is added Aircraft skins are restored in all training missions Flashing for navigation lights - fixed Setting Chaff or flare above 255 and releasing crashes DCS - Fixed Flare count updated. Flares count increased up to 480 Adjust Coolie Hat HOTAS functions: Coolie Hat Up: HUD as SOI; Coolie Hat Down: HMD SOI China Hat HOTAS changes. Regardless of what is Sensor of Interest (SOI), China Hat Aft Long always slaves the Targeting Pod to the current Steerpoint and not the Sensor Point of Interest (SPI). China Hat Forward Long slaves all sensors and weapons to SPI instead Sounds for the GAU8 gun are updated Updates to Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Profile (Profiles edited) HUD frame size and HUD projection - fixed (Original A-10C only, fix for A-10C II coming) A-10C II Canopy damage now visible in the external view and cockpit both UFC Panel Labels updated Radio Call placard matches ACFT Tail number now Nose gear strut compression improved NS 430 navigation system isn’t available for A-10C II further HMCS. Implemented blue line connecting mini-SPI and PPLI symbols: solid for flight members, and dashed for other flights Fixed Fuel Selector Knob position at start - it was not “lined up” correctly HUD CCRP mode was disabled for APKWS rockets HMCS brightness control was updated: both DAY and NIGHT modes have the range of 100% with 5% increments. Current brightness value is displayed for 3 seconds after last change HMCS SADL assigned target shape was changed to the red solid triangle Fixed sporadic crash in HMCS related to symbology occlusion by maximum range (the one set in the HMCS profile) Fixed slight roll of the entire HMCS symbology when VR headset is used - it directly affected horizon line, as well as spatial symbols positions Added ‘Default Gun Mode' and ‘HMD render eye’ options for A-10C II Improved HMCS Line-of-Sight computation when DTSAS is not available. Now radar altitude is taken into account, when available TGP boresight option was added to TGP OSB5, with the ability to set boresight elevation via scratchpad Tweaks to Russian HOTAS input translations for A-10C A-10C Shturmovik campaign. Mission 5. There is no task to return to targets if enemy fighters are not destroyed - fixed Joystick VKB Gunfighter. Renamed correctly in customized profiles Fixed CTD on Transport.dll DCS P-47D Thunderbolt by ED Water injection system is added Engine improvements based on water injection system Air cooling model improved Fixed a bug with displaying some elements after destruction of wings Rudder plate at max deflection angles intersects with other elements - fixed Cowl flaps control rod model improved DCS FW 190 A-8 by ED Smoke screen button assignment - fixed Oil temperature - fixed DCS FW 190 D-9 by ED Corrections to the cooling model DCS Spitfire LF Mk IX by ED When leaving aircraft to AI it’s tail sinks into the ground - fixed Added the burned model Some visual gaps between cockpit and the external model are closed DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED MiG-29G. Cockpit indication doesn't work - fixed MiG-29. Large bounce after a heavy landing, no nose gear damage - fixed Su-25. Added single mission to Syria map SU-25T. SPPU-22-1 gunpad not doing any damage to light armor - added some armor piercing shells into the round rack Updated / added Instant Action missions DCS Ka-50 Black Shark by ED The elevation of the Vikhr ATGM does not correlate with the sight - fixed DCS WWII Assets pack by ED New units are added to the pack: M1 37mm AAA M45 quadmount AAA QF 3.7-inch AAA Daimler Armoured Car M4 High-Speed Tractor Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch FuMG 401 Freya LZ radar MG shoots higher on sd234\2 Puma. Sight reticle has been changed A-20G behavior is changed to attack aircraft/bomber The AI A-20G seems to ignore CAS / Bombing / Carpet Bombing tasking - fixed AI Gunners on Bombers are too accurate A-20G and Ju-88 effective turret range reduced Evasion maneuvers for WWII bombers improved The following units have been made available free for all users: A-20G bomber Flak 18 Bofors 40mm Panzer IV Sherman Sd.Kfz.251 M2A1 Blitz 3.6-6700A Bedford MWD DCS Combined Arms by ED Paratroopers don't move after landing - fixed Improved AI movement along the route Fixed infantry stuck Units "on road" are directed to the next WP - fixed DCS The Channel Map by ED Optimized surface details Fixed: unable to set temperature Improved TAD textures Made birds' ambient sounds less annoying DCS Syria Map by Ugra Media Optimized surface details Eliminated AIs traffic jam on some airport runways during takeoff Campaigns The Border Campaign by Armen Murazyan: The work of the nondirectional radio beacon, which was lost after updates in the mission editor, has been restored FW-190A-8 Horrido! campaign by Reflected Simulations: Temperatures adjusted New assets added Spitfire IX The Big Show campaign and P-51D Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign by Reflected Simulations: Various bug fixes and improvements New assets added UH-1H Argo Campaign by by 373vFS Greg: Mission 6: Fixed trigger zone bug that was not allowing the mission to continue after the first minutes F/A-18C Raven One campaign by Baltic Dragon: Mission 3. Fixed foul deck conditions in M03A and 03B Mission 4. Updated kneeboard page and fixed wrong codeword for Sirri island Mission 7. Fixed again problems with Psycho dropping the smoke mark. Fixed typo in recovery coordinates in the briefing Mission 9. Fixed the triggers and problems with Raven 11 flight taking off too early and then things happening too quick (it was linked to two overlapping space bar calls). Added safeguards making it much more difficult for Tor to shoot down all the Mavericks. Changed the loadout, removing one tank for the player and adding one GBU-12 (double ugly config). Added safeguards, so whenever enemy sniper or his support are wounded / damaged, it would count as a kill. Maintained attack option for Dutch even if player chooses he will attack Mission 11. Updated triggers for Spades attack on Silkworms. Other minor corrections Mission 14. Removed debugging messages A-10C The Enemy Within campaign by Baltic Dragon: Added campaign of A-10C II L-39 Albatros: Kursant Campaign by ED Mission 08: The logic of the final message in the unsuccess has been improved Thank your for your passion and support, we hope you all enjoy the new update.
  3. Heater

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  4. Heater

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  5. Heater

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet
  6. Consiglio l'utilizzo di questo Mod da abbinare a Voice Attack e SRS, ora con una kneeboard virtuale che trascive tutto ci; che vogliamo https://www.vaicompro.com/
  7. Version 17.1.1


    My first skins for DCS reworked. They also fit on the KC-135 MPRS. Those are actually the very first textures i made. I think they are still ok to add some immersion. I added individual pilot skins to each livery and cleared some things up. The pack contains following skins: - 100th ARW - 127th ARW - 128th ARW - 136th ARW (fictional) - 161st ARW - 171st ARW - 916th ARW Added 17.11.19: - 100th ARW - 0321 - 134th ARW UPDATE 17.11: - Armee de l'air: Skin tweaked towards more realism (but there are some texture limitations everywhere and i cannot change the pods texture for the MPRS?!? Somebody knows how?) - Various other corrections on all the skins. ENJOY... EasyPeac3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just put one folder onto the zip now... To save some space. But the installation is still pretty easy. KC-135 installation: Just copy the folder "Bazar" into your "...\DCS\..." or your "...\DCS.openbeta\..." main folder. ____________________ KC-135 MPRS installation: Go to your "...yourName\Saved Games\DCS\..." or your "...yourName\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\..." folder. ___________________________ If you dont have it already, create a folder named "Liveries\KC135MPRS". Then you copy all the folders from out of the zips folder Bazar\Liveries\kc-135" into "...yourName\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\KC135MPRS\..." folder. Done.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uninstallation: Delete the folders of the liveries you dont want anymore out of the folders in "...Saved Games\Liveries\KC135MPRS\..." and "...\DCS.openbeta\Bazar\Liveries\kc-135\..." folder.
  8. Heater

    DCS F/A-18C

    @RedDog AAR
  9. Ciao RedDog, Benvenuto su Air Combat Wings ! Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk Pro
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